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Beginning about 1998, in Hamburg, Germany, Mohamed Atta, Marwan al- Shehhi, Ziad al-Jarrar and others formed an Al Qaeda terrorist cell aimed at the United States. Atta was its leader and carried out orders Osama Bin Laden to carry out a massive attack on American targets. In June 2000, Atta and his lieutenants, al-Shehhi and al-Jarrar, arrived in Florida and with funds provided to them by Osama Bin Laden's agent, "Mustafa Ahmed," proceeded with the plan. They then enrolled in flight training courses for three months or so to learn how to fly propeller-driven planes, purchased flight video tapes from a store in Ohio and several hours on flight simulators to acquaint themselves with jet liners and joined gyms to learn kick-boxing, knife- fighting and other martial arts.

In the Spring of 2001, they were joined by others, including thirteen men from Saudi Arabia, two men who were on the CIA's watch list for their connection with a group of suspected terrorists in Malaysia and Hani Hanjour, an Arab pilot living in San Diego.

These 19 men were then divided in four groups. They bought tickets on American Airlines Flight 11, a Boeing 767, scheduled to depart from Boston on the morning September 11th, United Airlines Flight 175, also Boeing 767, scheduled to depart from Boston on the morning of September 11th, American Airlines Flight 77, , a Boeing 77, scheduled to depart from Virginia on the morning of September 11th and United airlines Flight 93, a Boeing 757, scheduled to depart from Newark on the morning of September 11th. The four groups then proceeded to the airports in Boston, Virginia and Newark, with the exception of Atta and an associate named Alomari. Atta and Alomari went to Portland, Maine on September 10th and then caught a commuter plane to Boston at 6 am on September 11th.

These men carried through the security check points box cutters and plastic knives, which were legal impairments to bring aboard planes (So neither the airlines nor the airports nor the government had any legal liability in allowing them aboard.) When the planes reached their cruising altitudes, the conspirators used their plastic knives and box cutters to hijack all four planes. Attorney General John Ashcroft explained that "investigators believed that each of the commandeered planes had been hijacked by groups of three to six men armed with box cutters and plastic knives." Donald Rumsfeld added "It was beyond one's imagination that plastic knives and our own commercial aircraft filled with our own people would be used as the implement of war."

Once in control of the planes, Atta piloted Flight 11 and crashed it into one tower of the World Trade Center. Al-Shehhi piloted Flight 175 into the other tower of the World Trade Center. Hanjour piloted Flight 77 into the Pentagon. Al-Jarrar piloted Flight 93 towards Washington, but the passengers stormed the cockpit, causing al-Jarrar to crash the plane in a field i Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

All 19 conspirators were killed in the crashes and their bodies incinerated beyond recognition. The money man, "Mustafa Ahmed," after retrieving the money the hijackers did not spend, disappeared. Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind, is either dead or hiding in a deep cave in Afghanistan or Pakistan.

As for the five separate anthrax attacks in 2001, they were all the work of a single person. This individual— "probably a male loner" stole a sample of the strain of the virulent Ames strain from one of the few laboratories that possessed it at some undetermined time.

The "loner" then grew new batches of it with his own equipment, somehow dried and reduced the spores in size and packed them into envelopes. He then mailed them without leaving a fingerprint, saliva DNA or other traceable clue to his identity. He was not part of any conspiracy and had such attributes as "scientific knowledge, a grudge against society and a familiarity with the Trenton, N.J., area, where the letters were postmarked."


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