Issue #6:
Has US intelligence established the order of battle of the conspiracy that directed, finances, documented and organized the hijackers that carried out the aerial attacks September 11th?

The FBI established the identity from airline records the identities used by the 19 hijackers who seized the planes on 9-11 and deduced from telephone messages left for Mohammed Atta and other clues that he was the "boss" of some of the hijacking crews, but, so far, it has not identified the case officer(s) for Atta and his associates.

Even if Atta and his associates had done much of the advance reconnaissance, intelligence-gathering and planning of the four highjackings, as the FBI hypothesizes, they could not have been acting alone. Over $303,000 was deposited in bank and credit card accounts for them, much of it laundered through a chain of banks in the Middle East, over a 14 month period between June 2000 and August 2001. Aside from the laundered money, they received manpower from abroad. At least thirteen men were recruited, trained, and prepared for the hijacking mission, provided with travel documentation (including stolen or false identities), assembled in the Arabian city of Jeddah, and, between April 23 and June 29, 2001, dispatched to staging areas in the United States. They were then to assigned to the four hijacking crews on 9-11. This covert operation required case officers with managerial skills. Meanwhile, Atta and his associates flew back and forth to Europe and the Middle East, where presumably they met with these organizers and received instructions, including, for example, the return of the unused funds (which Atta and his associates did just prior to 9-11.)


1) Al-Mihdhar arrived in the US four months before Atta received a visa to come to the US. He had previously attended a summit of al- Qaeda in Malaysia. There is no evidence he ever met with Atta. Who acted as al-Mihdhar's case officer?

2) Who on behalf of al-Qaeda or other sponsors of the attack acted as Atta's case officer?

3) According to the FBI's analysis of their cash flow, a minimum of $303,481.63 reached the known participants of the American end of the participants. But only about one-third ($103,200) came in the form of wire transfers which could be trace back to banks in the United Arab Emirates. The balance was deposited in cash or traveler checks, checks from third parties and refunds. Who provided and laundered this money?

4) Ramzi bin al-Shibh, a Yemenese associate of Atta's, now in American custody, was identified as a "paymaster" of the conspiracy. But he provided only a small fraction of the money (about $15,000) to Atta and his associates when they first arrived in the US, and that transfer involved merely re-depositing and forwarding funds sent by an "Hashim Abdulrahman" in Dubai. What was al-Shibh role, if any, in organizing funds and manpower for the conspiracy during 2001?

5) Who was the case officer who recruited the 13 (or more) hijackers that departed from Jeddah in the Spring and Summer of 2001 on a fatal mission? Was he known to them from prior service in Afghanistan, Chechneya or elsewhere? If not, how did he demonstrate his bona fides or gain their confidence?

6) Where was the contingent from Jeddah trained before they departed for the US? Who provided their logistical support, and expenses, during this period? Who provided them with false Saudi identities (some of which came from Islamists killed in Chechneya) and Saudi passports?

7) Khaled Mohammed Sheikh claimed on al-Jazeeri television that he was involved in the organization of the attack. Is there evidence to support this claim? If so, did he meet with Atta and his associates in Germany, Spain, the Czech Republic or other countries they visited?


Ramzi bin al-Shibh (In US custody)

Khaled Mohammed Sheikh (In US custody)( (In US custo

Mohammed Haydar Zammar (In Syrian custody)

Abu Zubayda (In US custody)

The FBI and CIA supervising officers for the debriefings of al-Qaeda prisoners held at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba.

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