We Don't Know About The Anthrax Attack

1) Whether it began before or after September 11th?

The first Anthrax victim (and fatality) was Robert Stevens, a photo editor at the Sun tabloid owned by American Media. He was admitted to a Florida Hospital on Oct 2, 2001. But since the period between exposure and symptoms can be up to eight weeks, he could have been exposed anytime between August 2 and October 1st, or, even earlier if he delayed opening whatever letter or container the anthrax was in.

2) Whether any of the September 11 Hijackers were involved with anthrax

In June 2001, Ahmed Alhaznawi, one of the hijackers of United Airlines Flight 93, accompanied by another Middle Eastern man, came to the emergency room of Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Fla with a black lesion on his leg. He claimed that he was a pilot and had bumped his leg. The lesion was examined by Dr. Christos Tsonas who prescribed an antibiotic for the infection. When the prescription was found by the FBI in Alhaznawi's room after the September 11th attack, Dr. Tsonas was questioned by experts at the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies about the wound. He told them that he believed Alhaznawi's lesion "was consistent with cutaneous (skin) anthrax." If Alhaznawi had anthrax, it means that at least one of the hijackers were handling Anthrax (Atta, at about the same time, had sought a pharmaceutical remedy for a skin disorder). Since a number of the hijackers, including Alhaznawi and Atta, lived and near the site of the first Anthrax attack, the American Media headquarters in Boca Raton, they had an opportunity to case it, and launch the attack.

3) How first anthrax attack was carried out?

No letter or envelope was ever found in the offices of America Media in Florida. Anthrax spores were found in the entire building, not just the mail room, so it could have been launched from anywhere in the building. The traces found at local post office does not mean it came by mail, since out-going mail from American Media would account for cross- contamination. It could have come by letter, Fedex, UPS or been sprayed. It may have been part of an effort of the attacker to test the lethality of the anthrax, since, unlike later attacks, it carried no warning or propaganda.

4) Where the five envelopes containing Anthrax were prepared.

Envelopes containing anthrax colonies were recovered from 5 anthrax attacks: they were addressed to Tom Brokaw at NBC in NY, the editor of the NY Post in NY, Senator Tom Daschle in Washington, Senator Patrick Leahy in Washington and Dr. Antonio Banfi in Santiago, Chile. Four were postmarked Trenton, New Jersey, the fifth, though postmarked Zurich, was sent from New York City. But there is no reason to assume that they were sent from the same location as they were prepared. The envelopes could have been filled with anthrax in a laboratory anywhere in the world and sent, with the letter, in sealed sip-lock bags to a sender or senders who re-mailed them in Trenton and New York.

5) Who wrote the 2 photo-copied letters found in 4 of the 5 envelopes.

One set of photo-copied letters was sent on Sept 18th attack, with no return address, were sent to NBC and the NY Post in New York City. It was written in block letters warning about the anthrax, advising letter-openers to take "penacilin" and ending, "Death to America, Death to Israel, Allah is Great." A second set of letters on October to Senators, Senator Tom Daschle and Senator Patrick Leahy, with a fictive return address, were also written in block letters. They warned: "You can not stop us. We have this anthrax." They ended, like first set, "Death to America, Death to Israel, Allah is Great." That they carried the same message does not mean they were sent by the same person. No matching DNA, fingerprints or other unique identifiers were found on the letters so they could have been sent by any number of persons relaying a prepared and photo-copied message.

6) Whether there were one or two strains of anthrax bacteria.

The bacteria accompanied by warning letters was all consistent with the virulent Ames strain, as was the bacteria that killed Stevens, Nyguyen and Lundgren. The bacteria found in the letter to Dr. Antonio Banfi in Santiago was a different strain that has not yet been identified by the CDC. So either the attacker had access to two different strains or their are at least two different attackers.

7) The lab from which the anthrax was obtained— or when.

The are two possible sources for the virulent Ames strain, according to the analysis of its DNA. One in the United States, the other in Britain. In the US, it could have come from the US Army Medical Research Institute at Fort Detrick in Maryland. In Britain, it could have come from the CAMR lab at Porton Downs in Wilshire. Presumably, it was stolen from one of those last two labs. The theft could have taken place any time in the last ten years

8) Where the attack anthrax was converted into weapons?

Through radiocarbon dating, the FBI determined that the anthrax had been freshly made with the past two years for the attacks. The party behind the attack there had the facilities to grow fresh batches of anthrax, dry the wet slurry into powder and then pass them through filters to get them as small as one micron without destroying their protective coats, so that it would turn into a lethal aerosol. Billions of such spores were in the Daschle and Leahy letters.

9) Whether the attack anthrax was manufactured in the United States or Abroad.

Since government investigators have found no trace of the equipment for miniaturizing and weaponizing the anthrax in the United States, the possibility that the facility is located abroad cannot be excluded, especially since the CIA has determined a number of countries have stealthed facilities for weaponizing biological and chemical weapons.

10) The purpose. We do not know whether the purpose of the anthrax was:

a) to inflict physical or psychic damage on America.

b) to probe our bio-terrorism defenses in preparation for a future action.

c) as a demonstration to set the stage for a future ultimatum or ransom demand

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