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Ed's List #49

   Tara Jupiter Wins A polo lounge lunch for adding  "connect" (For talk to)

Clue:"Except where it is adopted as a necessary means of secret communication,
the use of special slang in any employment is probably to be accepted as
evidence that the occupation in question is substantially make-believe."
- Theory of the Leisure Class, Thorstein Veblen

  • Overpromise (for “lie”)
  • Perfect Storm(“everything went wrong”)
  • Partner (for “lover”)
  • Challenge (for “problem”)
  • Uber (For “major”)
  • World Class (for “first-rate”)
  • Game Changing (“decisive”)
  • reach out (for “contact”)
  • Detainee (For “prisoner”)
  • Charm offensive (For “PR”)
  •  Connects (For talks to)
  • A-List (For “elite”)
  • DreamTeam (For “best crew”)
  • Road map (for “plan”)
  • Graphic novel (for "comic book")
  • high profile ( for “well known”)
  • Metrics (for "measurement")
  • Representation (For "agent")
  • Talent (For "actor")
  • Deconstruct (For “analyze”)
  • monetize (for “make money from”)
  • Summit (For “a meeting”)
  • Restructure (For “change”)
  • Escalation (for “ increase”)
  • Spin off (for "sell")
  • Correction (for "stock market decline"
  • Senior Moment (for "Forget")
  • Downsize (for "fire")
  • Meltdown (for "big decline")
  • On Steriods (For "sped up")
  • Closure (for "end")
  • Branding (for "advertising")
  • Green Light (fot "Ok")
  • Tipping point (for "decisive")
  • Ground zero (for "center")
  • Shuttered (for :shut")
  • Symbiotic (for "mutual")
  • recalibrate (for "adjust")
  • spin (for "lie")
  • Auteur (for "director")
  • Conversation (For "lecture")
  • laser-beam  (For "accurate")
  • Channeling (For "speaking for")
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