Exclusive to the New York Times

Russia Spies for CIA in North Korea

On January 19, 2003, in a front page scoop in the New York Times, James Risen reported that "Russian intelligence officers secretly placed sophisticated nuclear detection equipment inside North Korea at the request of the Central Intelligence Agency in the 1990's, to assist the United States in tracking the North Korean nuclear weapons program, intelligence officials say. The C.I.A. trained officers from the S.V.R., the Russian intelligence agency, in the operation of the American equipment, and the Russians then shared their findings with the Americans," explaining further " The decision by the C.I.A. to turn to the Russians for help also demonstrates how the United States has been forced to rely on assistance from other nations to collect information from inside North Korea." The assistance involved collecting air samples in the North Korean capital to see if they contained any traces associated with plutonium reprocessing for nuclear bombs.

 Any further examples of exclusives?

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