What questions would you most want to ask of a time traveler from the future?
What advantage would there be in using implanted memories (as in the movie Total Recall) to replace long-distance travel ?
What fantasy most needs to be
 repressed to preserve current civilization?

What test question would you ask a time traveler to ascertain if he was from the future or a mad man impersonating a time traveler?

What technological advance on this
planet are you against?
When, if ever, can there be too much of a good thing?
Is the true virtue of the Computer Culture its:
a) institutionalized theft of intellectual property
b) surveillance through cookies of private behavior,
c) its false economy supported by unread banners or
d) what?
What do you imagine is the most exciting
dream a robot would have, if it could dream?
If a film were made of your life,
who would you choose for the title role?
Is Woody Allen an Hero or Villain in Sleeper?
What object would you consign to
a time capsule to be opened 3000 A.D?
If an time traveler made a brief reconnaissance of New York City in 2008, what would most concern him?
What turn of events or disclosure
would most surprise you about 9/11?


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