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"Edward Jay Epstein is the first journalist to have investigated the official accounts of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He remains the only one to have interviewed all the members of the Warren Commission, and would go on to be one of the great investigative journalists of the era, was not a
50 years later, Epstein is still telling the even larger story of how information, reduced, constrained and obstructed, creates an opposite reaction of information unleashed, compounded and cumulatively fabulized."
-- Michael Wolff in USA Today


“Edward Jay Epstein’s fascinating, star-studded, and spook-haunted Assassination Diary, which provides the backstage story to Epstein’s investigative odyssey in the reporting of his Assassination Chronicles trilogy—Inquest, Counterplot, and Legend—which features a cast that includes New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison , Hannah Arendt, spymaster James Jesus Angleton, Norman Mailer, Gerald Ford, and, in a sheer nightgown atop a ladder, actress Pamela Tiffen"
– James Wolcott, Vanity Fair



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